Michael 16" x12""I have a deep love and respect for life, nature, and the art of picture-making. This is reflected in my paintings of figures out of doors or "plein-air".

"Holly Hope Banks' work shows an accomplishment of the figure as well as the landscape, revealing her direct lineage and influence from her French Academic atelier training. " Allan R. Banks

For more information on paintings that are available for sale, contact the artist.

Spring  48"x 36" oil

Miranda  pastel on toned paper 30" x 24" (private collection)

The Young Entrepreneur 28"x22"

Mark and the Lorikeet 13"x12" (Sold)

Allan with Adie 41" x 27" (Private collection)

Yardboy 31"x21"

The Goat Exhibitor 26"x31"

Morning Reverie 23" x 28"

Ms. Ramona Tumblin 50" x 44" (private collection)

Michael 16"x12" oil (Sold)

Harrison 14" x 11" (Sold)

Shawn 16"x12" oil  (Sold)

Joe and Windsor 13"x11"

Mr. H Wall, Esq. 24" x 18" (private collection)

Harrison Outdoors  17"x 13"

Miranda 30" x 24" oil  (private collection)

Lorraine and Pete 16"x20"  (Sold)